• Otterbein reaches $52.7 million
  • Dr. Joseph and Marilyn Harpster
  • Paul and Laurie Paulus
  • Lois Szudy, Former Courtright Memorial Library Director

Otterbein Matters.  Stand With Us Today.

  • Affordability
  • Education
  • Community
  • Experience
  • Inclusivity
  • Individuality

Affordability Matters.

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Campaign Priorities

This historic $50 million campaign—the value, the people and purpose for which it stands—will position Otterbein to stand strong among the great institutions of our country. Learn how this campaign will ensure Otterbein graduates are prepared to stand out as leaders and learners.

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Ways to Give

Every gift impacts Otterbein’s ability to assist our students in achieving their personal best, our faculty in conceiving the smartest way to learn, our University in fostering a place to belong, and our community in modeling values that serve the common good.

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Who is Giving?

At Otterbein, every donor is important and every gift makes an impact.  For more than 160 years, our alumni and friends have enabled us to make an Otterbein education possible for generations of students. 

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  • An Introduction

    Where We Stand Matters

    Otterbein University publicly launched a $50 million comprehensive campaign in September 2014, aimed at three key priorities: Access and Affordability, Building a Model Community and Campus Renewal. Learn how you can STAND with Otterbein.



    Curiosity, civility, critical thinking and compassion serve as the ground we stand upon to embolden Otterbein's unwavering commitment to advance a greater good.  We will invest in our students first to ensure they are standing on firm ground for their futures.

  • Accelerating Potential

    The Point at Otterbein University

    The Point at Otterbein University is accelerating student's potential with unique partnerships and opportunities with innovative industry leaders.

  • Otterbein Excellence

    Young Alumni Award Winners

    The 2015 Otterbein Young Alumni Award winners share what Otterbein STANDs for, during the Homecoming celebration.

  • Progress Report

    A Standing Ovation

    The Otterbein University campus community, along with the Board of Trustees, gathered on Feb. 10, 2017 to mark the progress of the Where We STAND Matters Campaign and celebrate Otterbein faculty and student excellence.

  • A Presidential Perspective

    On Students First

    The presidents of Otterbein University discuss what the institution stands for, how the faculty and students work together to accomplish a common goal of success, whilst creating a lasting impression.

  • A Presidential Perspective

    On Legacies and Treasured Traditions

    Part 1 of 2: Discover the hopes these Otterbein University presidents have for their legacies and the treasured places on campus that have inspired each in the first installment of our "Presidential Perspective" video series.

  • A Presidential Perspective

    On Legacies and Treasured Traditions

    Part 2 of 2: The current and two past presidents of Otterbein University speak about the decisions they make for the advancement of the institution, while fostering the foundation of community on which Otterbein continues to thrive.

  • A Presidential Perspective

    On Campus Renewal

    The presidents of Otterbein University discuss what the institution can provide its student body in terms of greater opportunities to engage and experience the most up-to-date facilities and technology.