Access and Affordability

Ensuring Otterbein's excellence is an opportunity families can afford

Students who are eager to learn, to lead and to better themselves deserve the opportunity to call themselves Cardinals — regardless of their financial situations. Investing in scholarships and easing the financial burden of a college education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Big opportunities should never mean big debt.

Kathy Krendl, Otterbein President

Otterbein stands for opportunity and has since its first days. All students—regardless of their financial circumstances—should be able to access and afford an Otterbein education.

Otterbein stands for inclusiveness. Otterbein values talented, promising students who are eager to learn, to lead and to better themselves so they can better their world. All who seek educational opportunity are welcome at Otterbein.

Otterbein stands for learning. We believe in rewarding hard work and offering support to make sure more students have the opportunity to benefit from our experience. Those who stand to gain the most from Otterbein deserve the opportunity to call themselves Cardinals.  

Raising funds for scholarships ensures Otterbein will continue to recruit and graduate first-generation college students. The university will be better equipped to recruit and compete for students whose academic credentials and personal potential stand to grow exponentially because of the learning environment they will find at Otterbein. 

Many of our alumni stand where we they do because Otterbein stood by them—giving each a chance to do and be more.

Investing in Access and Affordability will ensure the same opportunity will be afforded to the next generation of Cardinals. 

Otterbein helped me find what I was truly passionate about while giving me a broader perspective through the Integrative Studies program.

But, my scholarships helped me with something much bigger - the ability to make the life I have always dreamed about possible.

Mikah Barrueta '16, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major and Individualized Studies minor in Public Health (Merida, Yucatan)

STAND for Access and Affordability by Supporting...

  • Academic excellence
  • Diversity
  • First-generation students
  • Individual academic departments
  • Merit- and need-based aid
  • Student success

The Office of Development is located in Hancock House at 111 West Park Street.

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Michael McGreevey, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
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Kathleen Bonte, Executive Director of Development for Organizational and Special Giving
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