Where Otterbein Stands

Campaign Overview

The campaign for Otterbein's future affirms that where Otterbein stands, and what it stands for in the higher education community, matters.  This historic $50 million campaign—the value, the people and purpose for which it stands—will position Otterbein to stand strong among the great institutions of our country.

We know that Otterbein's founders stood for bold idealsbelieving women should teach and learn alongside their male counterparts.  We know that Otterbein's leaders stood for shared governance and establishing an inclusive communityleading by example and reminding others that all members of our community should have a voice.  That Otterbein faculty stood as true educational innovators setting the pace for others to followfirst in 1969 when Integrative Studies was adopted as our core curriculum and reaffirmed just three years ago when the University developed a 21st century curriculum.  And long before the value of service learning was embraced by other institutions, we know that Otterbein graduates stood as faithful, committed servant leaders.

Curiosity, civility, critical thinking and compassion serve as the ground we stand upon to embolden Otterbein's unwavering commitment to advance a greater good.  And that is why... Where We STAND Matters.  We will invest in our students first to ensure they are standing on firm ground for their futures.

Otterbein's Giving Campaign

Campaign Priorities

Access and Affordability

Ensuring Otterbein’s excellence is an opportunity families can afford.

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Building a Model Community

Building a strong foundation of resources to foster innovation, creativity and learning.

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Campus Renewal

Advancing Otterbein’s learning experience by enhancing facilities and green spaces.

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Funding Priority: Building a Model Community

  • I stand with Otterbein because
    the value of our collective efforts
    is more than what any one of us
    could ever do alone.
    Michael Hoggarth, Faculty-Staff Campaign Chair,
    Chair of the Biology and Earth Science Department
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  • To build a model community we must ensure a strong and stable link to resources. Such resources equip faculty to teach and inspire discovery as much as they help fund life-changing experiences for students.

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  • Fellowships, research, faculty development, classroom and laboratory enhancements and creative campus initiatives are critical to the work we do at Otterbein.

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  • If our faculty is responsible for challenging and inspiring students to realize their personal best—we have a responsibility to provide them with the means, the tools and the support to help make that possible.

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  • Building a Model Community also means supporting the best ways to help our students learn. What if all that stands in the way of a student’s ability to make real contributions to their discipline is the chance to travel for research or an internship or some form of cultural immersion and engagement?

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  • Finally, Building a Model community means securing funds that enhance the faculty and student experience.

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  • Immersive, hands-on learning experiences complement traditional methods of learning. Students need the opportunity to apply lessons in the real world so they can own their knowledge. Faculty members deserve the same kind of opportunities so they can enhance and advance their syllabus through lessons learned in the field.

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  • Curiosity, civility, critical thinking and compassion serve as the ground we stand upon in our commitment to advance the common good. By investing in building a model community we will ensure Otterbein graduates are prepared to stand out as leaders and learners—proven professionals of great moral intelligence.

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    With Otterbein?

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Funding Priority: Campus Renewal

  • The vision of becoming a model community is realized
    as much through its physical facilities and its
    welcoming environment as through the
    relationships among its members.President Kathy Krendl
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  • Otterbein’s campus is essential to our mission.
    It serves as the home to our students’ learning experiences.
    Otterbein’s facilities and green spaces are, in fact,
    among the university’s greatest assets.

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  • Whether a laboratory in the Science Building where students and faculty explore the fundamental questions of nature or the Fritsche Theatre stage where acting careers are launched or the trees that shade historic Towers Hall and that lure our future students—our campus connects faculty, students, staff, alumni and visitors.

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  • Support of Campus Renewal priorities will provide resources to protect and enhance the learning and living experience that so many students find transformative to their growth and discovery. This campaign priority also supports the master plan while creating a standing fund to maintain and enhance facilities in the future.

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  • By investing in Campus Renewal, we do more than honor our role as stewards for this quiet, peaceful village we love so true. Campus Renewal will guarantee that Otterbein will long stand as a well-cared for and well-equipped place of learning and discovery. Our campus will be further distinguished for an environment that fosters the greatness we hope our students aspire to achieve.

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    With Otterbein?

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Funding Priority: Access and Affordability

  • The individuals who came before us provided resources
    so students like me had the chance to attend this institution.
    Now I can help continue the legacy of an institution that is a part of who I am.
    Manny Brown '06
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  • Otterbein stands for opportunity and has since its first days. All students—regardless of their financial circumstances—should be able to access and afford an Otterbein education.

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  • Otterbein stands for inclusiveness. Otterbein values talented, promising students who are eager to learn, to lead and to better themselves so they can better their world. All who seek educational opportunity are welcome at Otterbein.

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  • Otterbein stands for learning. We believe in rewarding hard work and offering support to make sure more students have the opportunity to benefit from our experience. Those who stand to gain the most from Otterbein deserve the opportunity to call themselves Cardinals.

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  • Raising funds for scholarships ensures Otterbein will continue to recruit and graduate first-generation college students. The university will be better equipped to recruit and compete for students whose academic credentials and personal potential stand to grow exponentially because of the learning environment they will find at Otterbein.

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  • Many of our alumni stand where we they do because Otterbein stood by them—giving each a chance to do and be more.

    Investing in Access and Affordability will ensure the same opportunity will be afforded to the next generation of Cardinals.

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    With Otterbein?

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Funding Opportunities

Comprehensive Campaign Initiatives

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Annual Giving

Join the community of annual donors whose support directly impacts current-use funds.

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Performing Arts

Creating a sustainable foundation for the performing and musical arts.

Music Theatre and Dance

Capital Projects

Providing the spaces and resources our growing programs need to succeed.

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