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The Humanities at Otterbein
Oh, the Humanities!

You know that the humanities are more than college majors – and, at Otterbein, we know that, too. The humanities are the foundation for exploring and understanding the human experience, as well as how we process and document that experience. But how does that translate into a career? We’ll tell you.

Why the Humanities

Why Study the Humanities at Otterbein?

Through the humanities you learn to think critically, analytically and creatively to solve complex problems. You learn to ask questions in order to gain new insights, as well as find meaning, inspiration and wisdom in your own and others’ successes and failures. You also learn to see the connection between all areas of knowledge, and to understand the past in order to envision the future.

Learn More about the Humanities at Otterbein

The GO:Fund


The GO:Fund provides a one-time $2,500 grant to support a transnational study abroad or internship experience for eligible students.

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Internships and Professional Experience

"Employers values candidates who can solve problems, think creatively, work in teams and communicate well"

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Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now: Alumni

The humanities provide a well-rounded education suited to a wide variety of careers.  Where are our humanities alumni now? 

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