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Meet the Dean

Possibility and discovery, inspiration and transformation: that's what the School of Arts and Sciences at Otterbein is all about. Welcome to our world.

I make this promise to prospective students and their families: our faculty and programs catalyze the curiosity and accomplishment that defines higher learning. Our classrooms, labs, and studio and performance spaces are the oxygen of the college-spaces where complex questions get posed and pursued, where new habits of thinking get deepened and developed, where students learn by doing, and where faculty and students work collaboratively on the scholarly and creative challenges of our time. In the School of Arts and Sciences, our faculty models the purpose and energy we seek in our students and nurture in our graduates. Faculty members in the School are active researchers and lifelong learners, committed to the dynamic interplay between the questions they ask themselves and the ones that drive their teaching.

I make this promise, too: we take students seriously. We believe in your ideas and talents and futures, and we pride ourselves on the close mentoring that fuels significant learning and lasting relationships between students and teachers. From introductory classes to upper-level seminars, from internships and practica to co-curricula opportunities for international travel, from undergraduate research projects to advising for graduate school and professional careers, we are dedicated to you not just as a student but as a human being and as someone who shares our belief that artistic expression and scientific inquiry, analysis and understanding, propel us toward a more just and humane world.

It is a very exciting time to be at Otterbein. I hope you will explore our programs, visit our campus, and talk to our students - and come to know yourself the world I have described. I promise this world for each Otterbein student. I promise this for you.

Paul Eisenstein, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences


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Paul Eisenstein, Ph.D.
Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
p / 614.823.1609
e-mail / peisenstein@otterbein.edu

Kathy Ullom
Assistant to the Dean for the School of Arts and Sciences
p / 614.823.1570
e-mail / kullom@otterbein.edu

p / 800.488.8144
e-mail / uotterb@otterbein.edu

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