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Commencement Appeal to March

When Degree Requirements Are Not Complete
(Undergraduate Commencement)

When an undergraduate student is within two courses of fulfilling degree requirements, Otterbein University is receptive to permitting participation in commencement. A student must submit an email request to registrar@otterbein.edu seeking approval.

Requests to participate in the spring commencement will be accepted beginning at the start of Spring Semester and accepted thru April 15.

Approval is contingent upon the following:

  • When an undergraduate student is within two courses of fulfilling degree requirements, Otterbein University is receptive to permitting participation in commencement. Students participating in approved transfer or articulation programs where they will complete their coursework off-campus or through another university, are allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony held immediately after their anticipated last term of enrollment at Otterbein. (current examples include our Early Assurance program with Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine or our 3+2 Engineering Programs with Case Western Reserve University or Washington University.) A student must submit an email request to registrar@otterbein.edu seeking approval 
  • You must have a Graduation Application on file with the Registrar's Office.
  • The Registrar will check your degree audit in Banner to assure that only two courses remains to be completed. You will be expected to do the same before submitting the email request. SYE 4900 and its co-requisite minimum 4hr internship are considered to be one course as is student teaching and its co-requisite 1hr SYE seminar.
  • Considerations for exceptions to this policy must be submitted to Academic Hearing Board.  Petitions should be submitted prior to April of the intended Commencement Year.
  • If you are taking transient coursework in Spring at another institution, you must bring a copy of your schedule reflecting that to the Registrar.
  • The two courses needed to graduate must be taken in the Summer Term or Fall Semester that immediately follows commencement, and you must already be registered for it before tickets will be issued to you.
  • Your email request must be sent no later than April 15.
Once the email request is received, the Registrar will respond shortly thereafter via email confirming approval and providing other details.

/ Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is located in Towers Hall, Room 27.
p/ 614.823.1350 
f/ 614.823.1009 


Business Hours 
Monday - Friday:

8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Mailing Address: 
Otterbein University 
Office of the Registrar 
1 South Grove Street 
Westerville, OH 43081