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Clubs and Opportunities

Student Organizations

Modern Languages and Cultures Poetry Club
Students meet quarterly to declaim and discuss their favorite foreign-language poems. For more information, contact Dr. Gallegos.

The Otterbein Phi Sigma Iota Chapter, Phi
Members of the International Foreign Language Honor Society organize cultural events. For more information, contact Dr. Reis.

Les Amis du Cinéma Français/Francophone (ACFF)
This faculty-sponsored club organizes discussions of the latest releases of French/francophone films. Students view suggested movies on their own before meeting with the group. For more information, contact Dr. Reis.

Department Calendar

Click here to check out all of our meetings and events.

Learning and Service Opportunities

The department mentors students in acquiring knowledge and developing skills beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to engage in a variety of extracurricular activities within the department, the university, and the larger academic/non-academic community. Some of these opportunities are particularly significant to students with career paths in teaching. Others may provide fundamental skills for professions outside of academe.

Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Participate in our weekly French or Spanish Conversation Tables
  • Attend student club activities
  • Revise papers for presentation at student conferences
  • Attend department-sponsored meetings and workshops of LINC-Ohio
  • Attend the Ohio Foreign Language Association (OFLA) Annual Convention
  • Attend college-wide scholarly lectures
Service Opportunities
  • Serve in our local chapter of Phi Sigma Iota
  • Serve Aegis, the Otterbein Humanities Journal
  • Provide service and contribute to the Otterbein International Festival
  • Serve as an active member for Les Amis du Cinéma Français
  • Volunteer for community activities related to local international cultures/communities
  • Serve as a work-study assistant in our department.
To learn more about these and other opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to assist you!

/ Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Paul Eisenstein, Chair
e/ peisenstein@otterbein.edu
p/ 614.823.1609

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