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Political Science

The mission of Otterbein's Political Science Program is to foster scholarship, leadership, civic engagement, and responsible citizenship. The major demonstrates the connections between political and social institutions and fosters the analysis of the forces within political systems, including law, policy, race, class, gender, and the economy. It is committed to building a community of scholars through the critical assessment and self-reflection of the methods, approaches, and perspectives of political analysis and engagement. The program is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and mentoring to ensure that students develop analytical and methodological skills that will lead them to assess contemporary political events and to promote ethical problem-solving strategies.

The Department of History and Political Science offers both a major (BA) and a minor in Political Science.  The Political Science curriculum offers courses that focus on the analysis of the executives, legislative processes, judicial processes, the media, public law, international relations/Global Studies, comparative studies, and political theory.

We’re in a new era of international cooperation against terrorism. Is that good or bad?

Jason Keiber, Visiting Professor at Otterbein University

After recent terrorist attacks in Europe, countries have moved to cooperate more on policing than they did in the past. But more isn’t necessarily better.

International security cooperation may develop without regard for privacy, transparency and accountability. And cooperating on policing and intelligence may not be enough without also trying to fix the conditions that foster extremism in the first place.

Read the Full Article via The Washington Post.

Major in Political Science

The Political Science Major (BA) is organized around four foundations/core courses and three areas of concentration: American Law and Politics, Global Politics, and Political Theory. Political Science majors are required to complete all four foundations courses, and by the junior year, students should choose and complete the requirements for one of the areas of concentration. See the Otterbein University Catalog for the complete Political Science BA Requirements.

Minor in Political Science

The Political Science Minor requires the completion of five courses. See the Otterbein University Catalog for the complete Political Science Minor Requirements.

Career Opportunities and Future Paths

The liberal arts foundation of a political science degree offers skills that can be valuable in many career fields, including government service, public administration, law, journalism, business administration, and research. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to pursue several professional employment and post-graduate opportunities.

  • Governmental Service. Students will be prepared to pursue several professional employment in government service and public administration at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Non-Government Service. Graduates are qualified for employment in non-governmental organizations that serve social and/or legal services.
  • Graduate School & Law School. Students are prepared for graduate work in political science, international relations and the foreign service, and public administration. Graduates also may pursue law school.
  • Education & Teaching. When undertaken in conjunction with the Integrated Social Studies Licensure Program in the Education Department, graduates are qualified to teach civics-politics and/or social studies in the secondary schools.

Faculty Expertise

Otterbein’s political science faculty have a wide range of expertise and interests. Our areas of research and teaching span the globe to include Africa, America, Asia, and Europe and stretch across time from pre-modern to modern history. Professors’ individual areas of interest are diverse. Members of the history faculty have published on such topics as:

  • American National Institutions
  • State and Local Government
  • Legislative Process
  • American Law and Politics
  • Global Studies
  • Public Administration
  • Public Policy
  • Political Theory

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