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Majors and Minors

Equine Science Majors

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Equine Business Management Equine Preveterinary Medicine/Pregraduate Studies Equine Veterinary Technology

Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies Minor

This program is designed for students who have an interest in using horses to benefit individuals with disabilities or mental health issues. When paired with a major in Equine Business Management, Psychology, or offerings from the Education or Health and Sports Science departments, this minor will help to prepare students for careers in the equine-assisted activities and therapies field. Possible careers include executive director, program director, instructor, therapist, equine specialist, development director, marketing specialist, volunteer coordinator, and stable manager.

EAAT photo 2015

Equine Business Management Minor

This program provides a venue for those students majoring in another department, but who wish to further their knowledge of the equine and its care, with the option of furthering their equestrian skills. Students taking this minor will broaden their perspectives through their experiences working with horses.

Requirements for all Equine Science Majors

Experiential CoursesPhoto of instructor showing students how to examine horses' eyes
All equine science students attend two scheduled experiential courses to increase proficiency in a variety of areas. Topics include novice bandaging, wound care and medical bandaging, forage evaluation, injection techniques, jump course design, body condition scoring, and career opportunities in the equine industry.

Service Learning
A service-learning project is required of all majors. Students have the opportunity of working with riders with disabilities, 4-H groups, inner-city children, animal humane societies, or groups requiring knowledge of safe horse handling.

Program Fees
Some Equine Science courses require an additional class fee. See the fee schedules on the Business Office site.

Equine Science