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Majors and Minors

Otterbein's Department of English offer majors in Creative Writing, Literary Studies, and Teacher Education (ILA) and minors in Creative Writing, Literary Studies and Film Studies (interdisciplinary). Our programs culminate in a senior writing project and a senior reading. Along the way, we will nurture your ability to read, write, analyze, argue, edit, create, teach, research, and pursue your own passions.

Double Major

To deepen learning and extend job-and-grad-school possibilities, our students often pick up a second major or minor in another field. Students' most popular -- and marketable -- choices for pairing with the Literary Studies or Creative Writing majors are:

Creative Writing students who minor in Literary Studies take 3-4 additional literature courses. To double major, Creative Writing students take 4-5 more literary studies courses. Literary Studies students minoring in Creative Writing integrate a 3-course creative writing sequence into their schedule. To double major, Literary Studies students take a 5-course creative writing series. See your advisor, Program Director, or Chair for details. And check in with the Registrar to declare the second major or minor.

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