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Department of Chemistry at Otterbein University

Pre-Professional Health Studies

As a pre-dental, pre-medical, pre-veterinary medicine or pre-optometry student at Otterbein, you will likely choose a major in ChemistryBiochemistry and Molecular Biology, or Biology and Earth Science. However, any major field qualifies you for these postgraduate programs as long as you take at least one year of life science, two years of chemistry and one year of physics.

Charting Your Degree

At Otterbein, you and your faculty advisor will work together to design a course of study which will include these requirements, and also may include advanced classes in vertebrate morphology, embryology, organic chemistry, histology, biochemistry, systems physiology and genetics. At the same time, our Integrative Studies program will give you a sound liberal arts background.

Graduate School Placement

Otterbein's professional school placement record would be the envy of almost any school. On the national average, about 30 percent of medical school applicants are accepted. Otterbein has an acceptance rate of well over 80 percent. Our pre-dental, pre-veterinary and pre-optometry students are equally successful.

Some of the professional schools attended by Otterbein graduates have included:

  • The Ohio State University Universities of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, and Optometry
  • Ohio University Osteopathic
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Yale
  • West Virginia School of Dentistry
  • Wright State University
  • Scholl Podiatric University
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Osteopathic Medical School at Virginia Tech
  • Georgia State
  • St. Matthew's University Medical School
  • University of Kentucky
  • Indiana University
  • Long Island Osteopathic Medical School