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International Business & Management

The International Business major at Otterbein helps prepares students to succeed and lead in today's global business environment that is complex and ever-changing.  Building on a foundational course in international business, students can take from a range of courses that address issues of managing in a global environment, such as cross-cultural management, international accounting, international economics, international finance, economic development and growth, and other related electives.  In addition, Otterbein regularly offers courses that involve travel abroad, combined with structured learning on and off campus.  Students completing this major will be well equipped to do business on a global level.  

The Otterbein International Business and Management degree will prepare students for a career in multinational corporations, governments, inter-governmental organizations, global financial institutions, NGOs and consulting firms engaged in international business.

Preparing You to STAND Out for Life

We believe that a well-rounded liberal arts education combined with the technical skills obtained from an international business and management major will best equip the student to maximize their career and individual potential upon graduation. Students develop their social and communication skills, including reading, writing, listening and speaking through a variety of liberal art studies, and by participating in classroom discussions, composing business documents, participating in team activities, giving oral reports, and multiple assignments.  Students are always encouraged and coached in a way that strengthens student skill development and student self-assessment and resulting confidence.

Otterbein offers an optimal and unique environment for future global business leaders in terms of:
  • small class sizes
  • individualized attention to students
  • opportunity for study abroad
  • connecting theory with practice in terms of today's global business
  • collaboration with professors and other students through research projects
  • professionally experienced and academically qualified faculties in global business
  • internship opportunities
  • integration of general education courses, core business courses and international business major specific courses


Minor in International Business & Management

A minor in international business can fit with any business major. Its focus on how businesses interact in a global economy provides valuable insights to all that have an interest in international issues. Students studying a foreign language or international studies would also find this minor extremely beneficial. Required courses for the minor include International Economics and International Business and Management. In addition, the minor requires three elective courses from the following: International Accounting, Economic Development and Growth, International Finance, Cross-Cultural Management and Organization, and the International Business Seminar.

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  • Dr. Don Eskew

    Department Chair/Professor
    Roush Hall 413
    p/ 614.823.1212
    e/ deskew@otterbein.edu
  • Allison M. de Nijs

    Academic Administrative Assistant
    Roush Hall 419
    p/ 614.823.1310
    e/ denijs1@otterbein.edu