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Communication Design

Communication Design is art in service to ideas and action. It is art that knows that communication is relevant. Graphic designers bring together the disparate elements of ideas, shapes, textures, colors, images and words. The study of all fine arts informs the design process.

Otterbein's liberal arts structure ultimately prepares you to adapt to an ever-changing world. As a Communication Design major, you will build the necessary foundation to challenge existing attitudes and create new methods by which our society visually communicates. There is no mold, set of standards, or software program to which you must conform. One acquires knowledge through intense research and exploration, hard work and self-discipline. Foundations are developed early using pencil and paper, pen and ink, and an open mind. You will begin acquiring typographic skills by constructing letterforms by hand - a process that informs "visual dynamic" literacy.

Once you develop good typography skills, assignments begin incorporating image manipulation, computer production and output. Many of the challenges undertaken in class are design solutions for clients in the Columbus area. These opportunities introduce class competition, client/designer work relationships, monetary compensation and actual experience. Reference to the history of Communication Design is expressed in many assignments. This informs the creative process and avoids "reinventing the wheel."

You will spend your senior year completing a portfolio to be presented in both traditional and electronic formats. The portfolio will include class assignments, actual client work and a self-promotion piece in the form of a book.

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