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Virtual Classrooms (Blackboard Collaborate Ultra)

Virtual classrooms are online teaching and presentation platforms that let you conduct and record live sessions in which participants can view content, engage in real-time discussions, and work cooperatively using a wide range of interactive tools. At Otterbein, we use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra as the virtual classroom system for our online and blended courses, administrative meetings, and other remote sessions. Access and support for this service is currently coordinated by the Center for Teaching & Learning.

Please note that Collaborate Ultra is being implemented for academic and administrative use on campus in an ongoing phased rollout. Use of the tool may be limited in order to ensure the overall quality of the experience for everyone involved.

Getting Started

Virtual classrooms in general and Collaborate Ultra in particular are used on a "live" or synchronous basis and their functionality is more complex than that of most desktop applications or learning management systems. As part of the Collaborate Ultra rollout program, faculty and university employees who wish to run sessions in the system must complete a short Moderator Certification process that provides the guidance needed to use this tool effectively. See the information below to get started:

  • To request moderator certification and access to Collaborate Ultra, send a message to collaborate@otterbein.edu or contact the CTL at 614-823-1035.
  • Our Collaborate Ultra LibGuide provides an introduction to the system as well as selected resources to help you plan, moderate, or join Collaborate Ultra sessions.

Collaborate Support

General Questions: If you have other questions or comments regarding the use of Collaborate Ultra at Otterbein, send a message to collaborate@otterbein.edu.

Before a Session: For questions regarding the pedagogical or administrative use of Collaborate Ultra, contact the Center for Teaching & Learning (ctl@otterbein.edu | 614-823-1064) or visit the CTL Studio on the 3rd floor of the Library.

You can also contact cardinalskillsbuilder@otterbein.edu to request participant orientation for your students and to get training on how to use classroom hardware to conduct sessions in Collaborate Ultra.

During a Session: If you run into any issues while moderating or participating in a Collaborate Ultra session (e.g., your session does not open or the system is not working properly, etc.), contact Blackboard's 24/7 Technical Support service via phone (1-877-382-2293) or chat (http://blackboard.force.com).

Technical Issues Outside Collaborate: For technical issues that may affect your usage of Collaborate Ultra (e.g., no network connection, problems with your browser, headset, or Webcam, etc.), submit an online Help Request or contact the ITS Help Desk (helpdesk@otterbein.edu | 614-823-3100).

Additional Help: Access Blackboard's Support Portal for Collaborate Ultra to learn more about the features and functions available in in the system.  You can also browse the Behind the Blackboard Knowledge Base for specific instructions and troubleshooting information regarding Collaborate Ultra.

/Center for Teaching and Learning

The CTL is located on the 3rd floor of Courtright Memorial Library
p/ 614.823.1035
f/ 614.823.1921
e/ ctl@otterbein.edu


The CTL Studio
Courtright Memorial Library, 3rd Floor
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
or by appointment
p/ 614.823.1064
e/ ctl@otterbein.edu


CTL Staff
Kathryn Plank
p/ 614.823.1034
e/ kplank@otterbein.edu


Colin Saunders
Senior Learning Designer
p/ 614.823.1875
e/ csaunders@otterbein.edu


Peggy McMains
Program Coordinator
p/ 614.823.1035
e/ pmcmains@otterbein.edu


German Vargas Ramos
Learning Design Consultant
p/ 614.823.1065
e/ gvargasramos@otterbein.edu

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