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Art Exhibitions

Leslie H. and Ethyl Rose Miller Gallery

Art and Communication Building
33 Collegeview Road, Westerville, OH 43081 - campus map
Open Mon - Fri, 8:00a - 4:00p, Sat - Sun, 1:00p - 4p
Closed holidays and academic breaks.
For information call 614.823.1792

Be Well Out Here: A Wellness Journey into The Big Go West
Donald T. Austin
August 20-November 30, 2018
Public Reception: Friday, August 31, 4-6p 
Sabbatical exhibition. A collection of words and images from a 7-month, 24,000-mile journey through the Northern Rockies of the American West. Its intention is to promote the connection between the Natural Environment and Wellness.

Plane of Liberation: Dialectic of Social Space
Jon Jicha
January 7-February 13, 2019
Public Reception: Wednesday, January 9, 4-6p
Jon Jicha's paintings and drawings of deconstruct defined social space produced through the process, labor, and humanity. Inspired by his travels throughout India, Jicha explores the sensory effect of surface information that radiates with a cultural conviction to both past and present. By disrupting the striation of cultural space into the surface codes and multiple perspectives, his work is informed by the rhetorical experiences of materialism.

22nd Annual Juried Student Exhibition
Joanne Stichweh, Juror
February 22-March 14, 2019
Public Reception: Friday, February 22, 5-7p

Senior Art Exhibitions
March 18 - April 19, 2019
Weekly exhibitions and receptions by graduating art majors.

Otterbein Artists-in-Residence Exhibition
April 22-May 10, 2019
Two Art Alumnae, Susanna Harris and Anna Kamphaus '18,were chosen to be Artists-in-Residence during the 2018-19 academic year. With full access to the art facilities, equipment, and other campus resources, Susanna and Anna will exhibit a culmination of artwork during their time in residency. 

Fisher Gallery

Roush Hall (first and second floors)
27 South Grove Street, Westerville, OH 43081 - campus map 
Open daily, 9:00a - 9:00p 
Closed holidays and academic breaks
For information call 614.823.1792

Danielle Rante
June 1-September 7, 2018

Public Reception: Thursday, September 6, 4-6p
Sourcing material directly from the environments she visits, Danielle Rante's mixed media practice incorporates site-specific field research into geographical happenings, direct interaction with the landscape and its inhabitants, and meditative mark-making. Akin to a botanist collecting live plant specimens in the wild, or an astronomist mapping locations beyond the earth's atmosphere, Rante is interested in the meeting place between the physical environment we encounter and the narratives of a place. She explores our cultural subjectivity in relation to historic events or shifts in the landscape, investigating collective and personal speculation.

Labor and Life
Leonardo Carrizo
September 17-December 10, 2018
Public Reception: Thursday, October 4, 4- 6p
Leonardo Carrizo, a Columbus-based multimedia photojournalist and educator, specializes in visual storytelling. Through his work as a National Geographic Student Expeditions trip leader and with biological researchers in Ecuador and non-profit organizations, he has traveled from Argentina to Iceland documenting the lives and environment he encounters. Labor and Life features some of Carrizo's most stunning images from Ecuador, arranged as intimate vignettes that speak about the people and their lives on the land.

Land in Flames
Vitor Mizael
January 7-May 1, 2019
Public Reception: Thursday, January 31, 4-6p in Fisher (Roush 114) for Gallery Talk followed by reception 6-8p at Frank Museum 
In his works on paper, Vitor Mizael explores issues of Brazillian national identity through the fluid boundaries of the natural world. The artist plays against literary traditions that blend fact and fantasy, remediating and subsuming technical drawings of flora and fauna within fantastical environments. 

The Frank Museum of Art

39 S. Vine Street, Westerville, OH 43081 - campus map
Open Wed - Sat, 11:00a - 3:00p during the University's academic year
For information call 614.818.9716

The River is Life
Alice Kohler
August 22 – November 30, 2018
Public Reception: Thursday, September 20, 4-6p

Brazilian photographer Alice Kohler has worked and learned with Arawete people in a remote area of the Amazon basin for over a decade. The River is Life reveals how this indigenous community lives in close relationship with their environment, and the Xingu River in particular.

Paraiso Tropical (Tropical Paradise)
Rosana Pauli
January 16-April 27, 2019
**Opening date of exhibition changed to January 31**
Public Reception: Thursday, January 31, 4-6p in Fisher Gallery (Roush 114) for Gallery Talk followed by reception 6-8p at Frank Museum  

Paraiso Tropical (Tropical Paradise) directly addresses the process of colonization and slavery in Brazil, to understand the legacies of colonialism and racial constructions in the present. It also challenges the discourse of domination that was normalized by scientific theories in the 19th Century. The work also deals with the notion of Brazil as a paradise, but a paradise for whom? The country was seen-and continues to be seen  by the national and international elites-as an immense warehouse where people, fauna, and flora are there to be exploited.

Special thanks to the Greater Columbus Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts
for their continued support of our Opening Doors to the World exhibitions. 

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