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Beth Gier

I am a


the pen is your
window to your soul

From journaling to journalism your voice can be heard. Otterbein offers multiple options to share your voice through its award-winning Tan and Cardinal newspaper to literary magazine Quiz and Quill to humanities journal Aegis or feminist‘zine Kate. Creative writers, script writers and grant writers find a home here. Copy writers put their words to use on WOBN Radio and WOCC TV as well as the Otterbein 360 website.

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I am a Writer

Beth Gier
Department: English & Business, Accounting and Economics
Majors: Literary Studies & Business Administration
Class of 2014

Beth started her time at Otterbein willing to try different activities. She wasn’t sure where life was leading her. The many opportunities Otterbein offered helped her break out of her shell and into the person she is today.