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Kristen Giesting

I am an


it’s easy
being green

If you like being green – why not major in it? We are dedicated to sustainable education and initiatives. So much so, we’re winning awards. We’re recycling metal, composting animal waste, installing electric meters and networking with others in the community. Come share what you’ve learned and accomplished and enhance our program. If you’re into thrifting, you’ll love our little thrift store! All proceeds benefit you through scholarships.

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I Am an Environmentalist

Kristen Geisting
Department: Biology & Earth Science
Majors: Biology
Class of 2013

When she first came to Otterbein University, Kristen Giesting said she was very shy. It wasn’t until a friend encouraged her to get involved on campus that Kristen began taking advantage of the many opportunities Otterbein University had to offer.